Monday, April 29, 2013


One of my solutions to staying motivated while unemployed is to keep  my time scheduled.  I view my days almost as if I'm still working.  I get up, do some cleaning, exercise, look for a job, whatever I've decided needs to be done that day.  Being a planner by nature, I can't help but strictly schedule the day.  As I complete each task, I go to my list and mark them off. 

Today I reminded myself that I don't need to punish myself for being unemployed.  That is basically what I was doing.  Feel like watching tv?  Too bad.  You need to vacuum!  Today we finally have beautiful weather after what has felt like a never ending winter.  I opened the windows first thing this morning and have smiled through my morning routine.  After lunch, I was about to continue with my housework when I looked outside and decided that cleaning can wait.  I grabbed my sunglasses and a book and sat outside soaking up the much missed sunshine. 

It is important not to waste away your days watching TV or on the computer, but it is just as important to take a few moments to do something that is pure joy.  I realized today that I am not stuck in an office all day anymore and so I should take advantage of the opportunity to sit outside soaking in some sun and fresh air.  The bathroom can be cleaned after the sun goes down.

The only motivation I needed today to get outside was to picture myself in the future sitting in an office again and wondering why I didn't take advantage of my free time during the day when I was unemployed!
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