Sunday, February 9, 2014

Why I Hate Treadmill Programs

I find it interesting that when we were shopping for our treadmill a couple years ago, one of the selling points always mentioned was the number of programs included with the machine.  I started out trying to use the various options but soon figured out that I did better adjusting the speed and incline as I went along.

Recently Bill has been adamant about using the two open program slots to develop something that Kayleigh and I could use.  About a week ago, I decided to give it a try.  I told him what I liked and didn't like and he tried to adjust it.  I gave it a try, I really did, but I've now decided that programs just aren't for me.

I understand the philosophy behind them. You are forced to react when the speed changes so you can't slip into your comfort zone.  What I realized as I tried to work with the program Bill developed is that we have different goals with our workouts.  He is always trying to push himself to do more and improve.  This makes sense since he races on his bike.  Obviously he needs to be able to react to unexpected changes in speed. The same goes for Kayleigh with her cross country.

As I was fighting with the program and getting very frustrated, I realized I run because it relaxes me, increases my confidence and reduces my stress level.  Dealing with the program did the exact opposite of what I was trying to accomplish!  I have never been an athlete.  I just want to be healthy.

So from now on I'm going to stick to my own way of running.  Go faster when I feel like I can, try to push myself, but slow down and relax if I need to.