Thursday, January 29, 2015

Birthday Books

Look at this giant pile of books!  That makes me incredibly happy. It also makes me want to take the next month off work and just read.

Last week for my birthday, my parents gave me a check.  My daughter is used to getting money for her birthday and then deciding what to buy with it.  I've noticed that once you get older, that birthday money doesn't flow quite as freely as it used to.  Normally I would try to be more sensible with my money but this year I decided to be a kid again and spend the whole amount on fun things for me.

I've been on for a couple years now and I'm always adding books to my "to read" section.  Unfortunately that list just keeps growing because there are always more new books to read.  This year I made it a goal to actually read some of the books that have been on that list way too long. So I took this chance to go to amazon and loaded as many of the books into my cart as I could with the money I had.  Shockingly, not one of them is a cookbook!

Just for something different (I'll eventually need a break from reading) I also ordered a new smoothie powder that I've been wanting to try and a movie.  Really, I mostly only care about the books though!
Here's the books I decided to get:

"I Didn't Do It For You" by Michela Wrong
"Agatha Christie's Secret Notebooks"
"More Than This" by Patrick Ness
"Handwritten Recipes" by Michael Popek
"The World Peace Diet" by Will Tuttle
"Aunt Dimity's Death" by Nancy Atherton
"The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap" by Wendy Welch
"Bootstrapper" by Mardi Jo Link
"How We Do Harm" Otis Webb Brawley
"The Shadow of the Wind" by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
"Whole" by T Colin Campbell

I think my parents will be happy.  My dad will be thrilled that I spent the money on books - that's where my love of reading comes from.  My mom doesn't understand the attraction to books but she will be happy that I got something just for fun.

Off to read, but how do I decide which one?!

                                       My cat was just as thrilled with a new box to sit on!