Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Be Nice

I silence my phone at work and I'm terrible about remembering to turn the ringer back on when I get home.  Most of the time I don't even pull it out of my bag.  Ask anyone I work with.  Many times they've sent me a text that I don't see until the next day at work.

Tonight Kayleigh had to work, though, and it is snowing again so I had it sitting next to me on the couch.  It rang and a number came up that I didn't recognize but I decided to answer it.  The man on the phone quickly apologized and said he was trying to call his sister and dialed wrong.  I told him it was OK and to have a nice night.  I was about to hang up when he said, "Can I tell you something?  I really appreciate you being so nice.  I'm having trouble reading with my bad eyes and it is hard for me to dial the phone and I really appreciate you being so friendly."  

After I hung up, I was thinking about how I could have just as easily been irritated and hung up on him when I realized that it was a wrong number but it was just as easy to be understanding.  It didn't cost me anything to say a few nice words and hopefully it made him feel a little better, too.  

So many times, people seem so irritated by the smallest things.  Especially online.  Facebook often almost pushes me over the edge with everyone's neverending complaints.  Seriously people, just be nice.  It isn't hard and I promise it won't hurt you!

And just to help everyone relax, here is a beautiful sunrise (don't let the snow make you mad!)...