Sunday, February 15, 2015

Spice Organization

This is a really simple idea but something that has saved us so much time and frustration.  We use a lot of different spices and I've tried a million different ways to keep them organized.  Ours are in this cabinet in our kitchen:

The problem is that you are looking down at the tops of the lids when you open the cabinet.  That means we had to pick each bottle up and read the name, then put it back until we finally found what we were looking for.

I've tried organizing them by type of spice, size of jar, alphabetically.  The problem was that they always get messed up after a few meals.  A few years ago I brought a different brand of turmeric and were thrilled to see that they printed the name on the top of the lid.  Each of us would often say "why can't they all be like this"?  One day I was again rearranging the spices and decided to just go for it and label the tops of all the lids.  Kayleigh soon came in to help.  When Bill saw what we were doing, his reaction was "That is FANTASTIC"!  I thinking looking for spices was his most hated part of cooking!  We did this over a month ago and it still looks great and is working perfect.

We decided to keep the font large and abbreviate the name so that they were easier to see.  When we run out of a spice, we either switch the lids, if it is the same brand, or move it to the old container.  We could always make a new label but I'm hoping to avoid that when possible.

This is the label machine we have if anyone is interested.  It is really easy to use.  Warning - it will make you want to label everything in your house!