Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back to Chesterton's European Market

A whole table of tomatoes

We went to this market early in the season and have been wanting to go back all summer.  Unfortunately it is on Saturday morning and that really doesn't work well for us.  Finally, today we didn't have anything going on so Kayleigh and I headed out not so early this morning.  I wanted to leave sooner but it is the last weekend before school started so I waited until 9 to wake her up.
Some of the available fruit.

This market is huge and so much more vibrant and alive than the Munster market.  The only drawbacks are that it is on Saturday morning and there is no vegan food truck.  The produce selection was unbelievable.  I was able to get everything we needed for the week whereas last week at Munster, I struggled to find a couple zucchini.  We bought all our produce at one stand but there were several others to choose from.  We ended up buying yellow squash, kale, beets, tomatoes, plums, green beans, cabbage, okra, onions, green beans and purple bell peppers.  I wasn't too thrilled with the greens attached to the beets but other than that, everything was good quality. 

From another stand we bought maple syrup and maple sugar.  Kayleigh found a stand that was mostly selling cupcakes but that had a few macarons which she grabbed!  She tried the strawberry and the cacao nib and loved both of them.  We were going to get pretzels again but the line was too long so we passed.  

The macarons and Kayleigh's reaction to the first bite.

In general this is a really fun, enjoyable market, even if you don't buy anything.  It has an upbeat feel to it, everyone is very friendly, there are tons of stands selling all kinds of things, and various musicians play throughout the market.  Today there was someone playing an accordion, a fiddle, a guitar and then a singer.  They also had someone drawing caricatures.  We had a great time.  We took some videos as we walked around which Kayleigh is trying to edit into something watchable so I may post that in a few days.  She has new editing software so we'll see how that works!
More produce.

Kayleigh's cross country meets are about to start but we are hoping there will be one more Saturday this year when we can return.  I've been waiting all year for this much fresh produce!