Thursday, November 7, 2013

Starting over

This is going to be two posts in one.  I'll start with what I had planned but then I have to end with some bragging since Kayleigh just walked in from her school sports banquet.

First things first though.  I have been slacking like crazy with my workouts.  I had convinced myself that running around at cross country meets and being generally active would keep me in shape.  I was wrong!  Tonight since Bill was on a bike ride and Kayleigh was at her banquet, I decided I should work out instead of my normal sit-on-the-couch evening routine.

I started with a basic 10 minute ab workout that I used to do like it was nothing.  Just a minute in, I knew I was in trouble because it was hard!  Then I went down to the treadmill.  I walked for 5 minutes, ran for 10 and then walked 5 more.  After how my workout started I was really worried about running but it felt great.  It was hard but I actually ran faster than I thought  I would and generally felt good throughout.

The best part is knowing I actually did something worthwhile tonight.  I'm going to have to remember this feeling and do this more often.
Kayleigh with her hair down.  She NEVER has her hair down!

Now on to Kayleigh.  She did so good in Cross Country this year.  For the last two years she had been the slowest on the team by quite a bit.  She tried so hard and she was slowing improving but then this past summer she made a huge leap forward.  The team had a lot of new members this year so she had to compete to make varsity, which she did.  That earned her and "M" which means she gets a Letterman's jacket as one of her presents this year.

She also got a patch for Scholar Athlete.  She should have had this every year but she always had one class that would cause her problems and drop her GPA just below the required 3.5.

But the one I'm most excited about is the "Most Improved" award.  I was hoping she would get this but I wasn't sure how much the other girls improved this time.  When her coach announced this award he said "This runner knocked 5 minutes off her 5K time.  You may not understand what that means but it is a really big deal."  I'm ridiculously proud (and happy I ran tonight or I'd have felt extra lazy!).