Sunday, December 1, 2013

Week One - Exercising Results

I've completed the first week of my winter exercising program. My goal was to workout for 2 hours including 4 miles of running.  I immediately regretted the 4 mile part of the goal but I decided early in the week that even if I didn't reach it, I'd leave that out there as a goal.  I wanted it to be reasonable based on my schedule but to also a challenge.

I was absolutely shocked when I went through my twitter posts this week and found that I had actually met the entire goal.  I had to re-add it several times to make sure!  My results are as follows:

11/24 - 11/30
Total workout time: 2 hours 45 minutes
Total run distance: 4 miles

Shocking!  I'm going to keep the goal at this level for the rest of 2013 and then re-evaluate and hopefully increase it a little.  My main purpose right now is to get back in the habit of exercising on a regular basis.  And on that note - I need to go workout!