Sunday, December 29, 2013

Weekly Exercise Challenge

I almost forgot to post this week.  As expected, I didn't meet my 2 hour with 4 miles of running goal last week but I did manage to get in two really good workouts.  Considering the week we had with the holiday and funeral, I'm pretty happy with it.

Total workout time - 1.5 hours
Total run distance - 2.5 miles

This challenge was originally going to go until the end of the year and then I planned to change it.  Since I've had a rough couple of weeks, though, I'm going to leave my goal where it is for now.  I'll re-evaluate it in a few weeks.

I also continued to do my plank challenge everyday but I've been unable to hold it longer than 1 minute 32 seconds.  I'm continuing to try though.  I missed last Friday because we were at the wake all day and I was exhausted mentally and physically once we got home.