Sunday, December 29, 2013

Weekly Meal Plan

Our produce for the week

On Christmas Eve this year, my sister-in-law ask me to send her my weekly meal plan so that she could follow it or at least get some ideas.  I've been planning my meals for years now and I always have people asking me about it so I thought I'd start posting some of them here on my blog.

Now that I have returned to work, I have to plan the week around meals that are quick and easy so that Bill and Kayleigh can prepare them.  I also tend to repeat recipes more often than I used to because they get pretty irritated having to figure out a new recipe every day!

I'm thinking that I'll post my menu plan for the upcoming week on Saturdays so that if anyone decides to use any of the meals, there is time to go grocery shopping.  I probably won't post every week's plan but I'll try to get at least two in every month.

When planning meals I usually pick 2-3 cookbooks for recipes and then add in some of my own recipes. I'll list the cookbooks that the recipes come from and try to post one of the recipes here sometime during the week.

This week I picked 3 cookbooks:

I selected the two holiday ones because a lot holidays fall in the winter so they both have good choices for this time of year.  I feel like our diet hasn't been as healthy as it should be lately with everything we had going on so that is where the Greens cookbook comes in.  When in doubt, eat more greens!

So, here is my plan for this week.  I'm going to be home all but two of the days so this isn't one of the quick and easy menu plans but it still isn't too difficult.

Roasted garlic mashed potatoes - p. 180 Celebrations

Multi-veg hash browns - p. 270 Holiday Kitchen
White bean and greens burgers - p. 114 Greens

Southwestern-style greens with pinto beans - p. 105 Greens
Baked potato soup or Spinach & fennel soup

Hoppin' John - p. 274 Holiday Kitchen

Quinoa with kale, sweet potatoes, and pecans - p. 85 Greens
Roasted cauliflower and broccoli

Pad See Ew - p. 122 Greens
Tempeh kuku paka - p. 224 Celebrations

All of these recipes are vegan except for the baked potato soup.  I've tried to veganize that but it just didn't taste good so Bill and Kayleigh will have that and I'm having the spinach and fennel soup.  Saturday is always leftovers or whatever we can throw together.  Some of these recipes are new to me so I'll let you know at the end of the week how they worked out.