Sunday, July 21, 2013

Working and Weather and Running

I survived my first week working.  I wasn't nearly as tired at the end of each day as I thought I would be. Even though I used to work full time, it has been 10 years since I had to work until 5 PM.  Usually the stress and nervousness of a new job wipes me out but this time it well pretty well.  I owe a lot of that to Bill and Kayleigh who really stepped up with general cleaning and laundry and cooking dinner.  To add to their week, my niece is staying with us so Kayleigh spent her day fixing 3 meals a day and keeping her cousin entertained.  By Friday night, Kayleigh looked like an exhausted housewife!

Even though I felt relatively good all week, I didn't get one second of exercise in with the exception of walking all over the place at work meeting everyone.  I kept planning to do something in the evening but the time would get away from me.  It didn't help that our weather was in the upper 90's and 100's all week. There was no way I was going outside so I'd have to do something inside and I didn't want to kick everyone out of the family room.  I realize these are terrible excuses because Kayleigh had practice 4 nights last week and when I picked her up at 8:30, it was still 95 degrees most days yet she still did it!

Finally Saturday morning, it was a little cooler so while the girls slept, I headed to the park to see if I could do something.  I ended up running two miles at my easier pace.  Overall I was happy with that.  I was afraid I wouldn't be able to run more than a few minutes.  Plus, even though it was cooler, it was still quite hot and humid.

Later in the day, I noticed that several of Kayleigh's teammates had posted on Instagram and Facebook that they got their runs in early in the day trying to beat the heat like I did.  I told her that she really needed to get some kind of run in.  Around 8 PM it fell down to about 80 degrees and the humidity was much lower so I was finally able to convince her to get out there.  My niece and I went with.  I wanted to get another mile in so I asked Lily if she wanted to run with me.  We all started off together but Kayleigh soon sped away from us.  I needed to do 1 1/2 laps and about 1 lap in Lily was looking tired but she kept going.  When I got to my usual sprint point to finish my run, I asked if she wanted to race me. She didn't think she could but then she ended up staying right with me as I ran as fast as I could.  She collapsed at the end but she did it.  I should point out that she is 11 years old and was wearing a dress.  I wish I had that youthful energy!

Kayleigh felt really good during her run but at the very end she tripped on a part of the bridge where the wood was starting to pop up and hit her knee.  Lily and I had spotted that earlier so we knew exactly where she was talking about. By the point she came through there it was dark so she didn't see it.  She seems ok now though and wants to go out again tonight at around the same time.  She said she was feeling better and better as she ran even though she started out not wanting to run at all.  I know that feeling!

My hope for next week first of all that it will cool off a little, and then that I can motivate myself to exercise during Kayleigh's practices each night.  I'm thinking the combination of weather, new job, and Lily visiting this week was just too much for me to squeeze running into.  At this point I'm optimistic that I'll get back on track next week.  We'll see!

 Can you guess where this picture was taken?  Back to the Munster Farmer's Market to eat some vegan food truck food!  Kayleigh and Lily got chocolate chip waffles and Bill and I had brats & kraut.  Yum!