Monday, July 1, 2013

Is it a good day or bad day?

My mind is all over the place today.  First I was going to post a cherry cobbler recipe.  But then I went on a run and although I had my best 5K time so far, I was battling negative thoughts the whole way.  So I thought I'd write about pushing through that and what may have caused my problems.  BUT THEN, I came home and I was offered a job - FINALLY.  It has been exactly 8 months today since I lost my job and I have been interviewing for the particular position for 2 months now.  I'm really excited to just have any job at all at this point but I'm also very enthusiastic about this specific position.

So my mind is a jumble of emotions.  I can't get my thoughts straight right now so the other posts will have to wait for another day!