Friday, May 24, 2013

Changing perspective

I thought I had a really bad day yesterday.  It started off good but around 7 AM my stomach became really upset so I ended up sitting around watching TV all morning.  I finally drug myself off the couch and made a terrible lunch.  I ran in the evening and was very disappointed that I could only run 20 minutes and then I couldn't even walk to finish the 3.1 miles. 

But when I look back through the whole day, there were actually a lot of good things, too.  In the afternoon I got all the housecleaning and laundry done.  I planned out meals for the next week and fixed dinner.  My parents came over and my mom commented that I had "really slimmed down" which is always nice to hear (although I think it was just a flattering outfit).  Then we went to Kayleigh's final orchestra concert.  It was sad that this was her last one but the concert was really enjoyable.  They performed a lot of fun songs and I always enjoy the spring concert because all the students (6th through 12th grade) perform "Ode to Joy" together.  Then even though I could have come home and watched TV, I chose instead to go downstairs and run.

I was letting a few bad points in the day overshadow the good.    First I was upset that I didn't run in the morning.  But does it really matter if I sat around in the morning or in the evening?  In the end, I still managed to workout.  Then I was really disappointed with my run but my husband was very nice to point out that "you can't PR every time".  A few weeks ago I would have been thrilled with 20 minutes running. 

So I am going to try to remember that just because a few things don't go as planned doesn't mean that the whole day gets a negative mark against it. 

Here is Kayleigh in her orchestra dress (which she hates) for the last time.
I tried to get pictures at the concert but they all came out like this!