Friday, May 31, 2013

I Went For a Walk

Two nights ago, out of the blue, I developed a cough.  I don't have any sinus issues or congestion, just the persistent cough.  It kept me up most of that night.  Last night I coated myself in Vicks and slept a little better.  Running didn't seem like a good idea but I didn't want to just sit around either.  Originally I was going to do yoga then I remembered that yoga revolves around breathing and deep breaths make me cough.  Instead I headed to a park down the road and walked. 

I only coughed a couple times so that is good.  It was actually really nice and peaceful but I also felt like I got some exercise.  I went about three and a half miles.  It smelled really good, the birds were singing like crazy and there was a nice breeze.  Half way through my walk I realized that this was just as nice as the other park (with the Fit Trail) but this one doesn't cost $5 so I think I'm going to move most of my outdoor running to this one instead. 

The nice thing about this park is that it is surrounded by subdivisions, apartments, businesses and a school but when you are on the path, it feels like you're out in the middle of the country.  Today is garbage day so the truck sounds invaded every so often to remind me that I was only a couple streets from my house!  On my last lap, I took some pictures to try to capture the calmness.

This is my favorite spot when running - the point when you switch from the wood bridge (or cement coming from the other direction) to that sponge track surface.  It always gives me extra energy to keep going!