Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fit Trail

This year our local park put in a Fit Trail so Kayleigh and I headed over there this afternoon to try it out.  I was really excited because they used to have this when I was young and I really enjoyed it.  Kayleigh wasn't so excited but she went along and humored me!

First off, they weren't supposed to start charging to get into the park until Memorial Day but they charged us today.  So we probably won't be back much in the future since it wasn't really worth $5.  Also, we were a little irritated that there were so many workers in there driving all over the place so you had to keep watching out for them.  Still we made the best of it and had fun.  Here are tons of pictures.

 First, an exercise I could actually do.
 Then one I couldn't do.  Seriously, look at my face - I'm really trying!
 Here were the instructions.
 And here is Kayleigh actually doing it.  I was very impressed.  I was happy that, judging from her face, at least it wasn't real easy for her!
 As payback here is an exercise Kayleigh couldn't do.
 But I could!  Just to prove it, I did extra reps!
 I was really excited to see a balance exercise and thought it would be really easy.  Kayleigh was nice enough to take a video to show how bad I did! 
 But do you hear all that wind?  I'm sure that is why I did so bad!
 Now for something neither of us are good at.  This is seriously as far as either of us could stretch!
 Look at my face.  I'm really trying.
 After completing the whole fitness trail, we walked around the lake again so we went a total of almost 2 miles.  For the last quarter mile or so, I ran so that Kayleigh could tell me how my stride looked (she said it is getting better).  This was a nice, fun, active afternoon.

 By the way, the weather is as cold and miserable as it looks.  It is about 60 right now but has got down into the 30s for the past several days.  And our furnace isn't working!