Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Book Review

What a day I had yesterday.  This picture captures one of the many things that went wrong.  In case you can't tell, those are the contents of my chest freezer that I was able to save.  It somehow came unplugged a few days ago but I didn't notice it until yesterday.  Luckily I use it mostly for flour, nuts, and bread.  Still, a lot of items had to be thrown away. 

That was just the start of the day though.  It only got worse from there!  So I was very happy to have a pile of books to lose myself in that evening.  Of all the books I borrowed from the library last week, two have really stood out.  I always skim through all my books when I get home but both of these books sucked me in and I ended up reading them all the way through.

The first is "Running and Walking for Women Over 40" by Kathrine Switzer.  I'm a woman, I run, and I'm over 40 so it seemed like the perfect book for me!  This book was published in 1998 so some of the information is out of date, especially the section on menopause.  But it still had a lot of very good information ranging from what clothes to wear, what to eat, and how to stay safe when running.  There is a good running routine spelled out as well as tips on increasing your speed and/or distance.  Overall, I found it to be very motivating and there is enough information that this would be a good book to own so that I could refer back to it.

The other book I've really enjoyed is a cookbook called "Vegan Soul Kitchen" by Bryant Terry.  I heard about this book over and over but I've never bothered to look through it.  I don't know why that is because when I sat down to make a list of recipes I'd like to try, I quickly filled an entire notebook page.  Right now I'm snacking on the Double Maple-Coated Pecans and I'm a little worried I might eat the full 4 cups!  I'm actually planning to try everything in the section called "Sound Bites - Appetizers, Starters, Snacks".  Besides the great recipes, I really enjoyed reading this book.  I'm one of those people that sits in bed reading cookbooks and this one is really enjoyable.  I love that he includes a soundtrack with every recipe.  This book has already been moved to my shopping cart at Amazon.

Happy reading!