Sunday, June 9, 2013

Farmer's Market and Star Trek

We've had a lot of fun today.  Last weekend while on a bike ride, my husband saw a sign for a Sunday farmer's market in Munster so we decided to check it out this morning.  We had been to the park where it is held several years ago for a soccer game. 

It is still really early in the season so we didn't expect to see very much fresh produce but we were hoping for something.  The first thing we saw wasn't produce but it made us very excited.  It was this food truck:

We are lucky to come up with some kind of meal for me anywhere, let alone a whole menu where I could have almost everything on it!  I couldn't believe it and even questioned them to make sure all the baked goods were actually vegan.  They have waffles, cookies, banana bread, brownies, hot dogs, hamburgers, fruit cups, and several other things.  We walked through the rest of the market and bought some local spinach and romaine and then headed back for an early lunch.  Kayleigh got a regular hot dog and I got a Chicago style.  We each got a brownie.  The food was pretty good and very affordable.
After eating, we walked around the park to see all the improvements they have made.  It is really a beautiful setting.  Here is Kayleigh in the formal garden (wearing the same shirt she wore to the farmer's market in Chesterton!).
 And here is a general picture across some of the ponds/lakes.
After the market, we did our regular grocery shopping and then headed out to see the new Star Trek movie.  We love Star Trek so we would like it no matter what.  Overall we all enjoyed it but thought it could have been better.  We had seen an interview with JJ Abrams and were a little nervous when he said he wasn't a Star Trek fan.  It was OK though.  It had Benedict Cumberbatch in it from Sherlock which we also love so that helped.

Overall this was a pretty fun day.