Thursday, June 20, 2013

I Can't

Why do I seem to have my best moments right after being lazy and not wanting to move off the couch?  I had planned to do my favorite (not really!) elastic band workout today.  But then I slept late (which for me is 7:30) and watched some TV, then watched some more.  I started to get a little bit of a headache and didn't really feel like doing much of anything.  But then I realized that it was really nice and cool last night but I didn't run and it was still nice although a little warmer today and here I was doing nothing.  So I somehow managed to get up and go out for a run.

About 5 minutes into it I was thinking about how much warmer and humid it is outside as compared to in my house.  Then after 10 minutes, all the walkers left so it was just me and the landscape crew.  But I kept going.  When I had just one lap to go I was telling myself things like "I can't stop now" and "I can't give up".  That's when I realized I changed my "I cant's" from something negative into something positive.

In the end, I finished the 5K, running the whole way, in 33:53 which is faster than last week.  And I did it with only myself as motivation.  From now there is no more "I can't run any further".  It is "I can't be stopped" from here on out!

Speaking of changing attitudes, I finally convinced my husband to get rid of these cans of paint.  They are from the previous owners.  Problem is, we moved in over 16 years ago!  Now if only he will also get rid of that ping pong table behind him that has been in the garage since we moved in!