Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Things Are Looking Up

The past two days have been really good for me and I can feel a shift in my attitude.  It started yesterday morning when Kayleigh and I went running first thing in the morning.  We had big storms during the night and it was really hot and humid in the morning.  We went running anyway but there was actual steam coming off the path and we were miserable.  Kayleigh has to run 3 miles each day for her training but after running at my pace for 1.5 miles, she decided to stop and come back later after it hopefully cooled off.  We walked another lap and then went home.

Shortly after getting home, I was called for a third interview - hurray!  We ran a lot of errands in the afternoon and did some cooking.

Around 6PM we went back out to the park to finish the run.  My plan was to run maybe one lap (2/3 mile) with Kayleigh and then walk until she was done.  I ended up going a full two miles with her.  That means that during the day, I completed 5K total.  At the start of the evening run my toes were cramping and I didn't think I would make it but then, before I knew it, we were done!  This is a huge step towards my goal of running that 5K race in August.

When we came home, my legs were killing me but I spotted some strawberries so I went out to pick them.  Look at this, I got a full bowl!  Squatting down to pick them was a little more difficult than usual though!
I felt so happy and fulfilled last night and that feeling has continued today.  Kayleigh went to work for the very first time.  It went really well.  I quit my first job, also at a restaurant,  after the first day so she is already doing better than me!  While she was at work, I had my job interview.  It went well (I think) and I'm really excited about this opportunity. 

Overall, everything is good right now.  I feel like I'm surrounded by positive energy!