Monday, June 10, 2013

Eggless Experiment #3 - Arrowroot Powder

So far we have tried hemp seeds which were a success and chia seeds which were a complete failure.  This week it is arrowroot powder.  I've used this to replace cornstarch before but never eggs.  You mix 1 tablespoon arrowroot powder with 3 tablespoons water and add it to the recipe as you would the egg.  For the recipe we are using see the original eggless experiment post

The dough looked and tasted the same as regular chocolate chip cookies so that was already an improvement over last week!  One difference was that for the past two weeks, the cookies baked only 8 minutes but these had to go 10 minutes.

The cookies looked good when we pulled them out of the oven.  We let them cool slightly then tasted them.  I thought they tasted fantastic.  The edges were crunchy but the center was the perfect chewy cookie texture.  Also, the taste was delicious.  Much better than past weeks.  When asked, Bill said "they taste good".  We'll take that as a ringing endorsement!

Kayleigh and I had them again today after they had cooled completely.  They lost the crunchy edges but still tasted wonderful.  These were so good, I'm tempted to end the experiment right here - but we won't.  Next week - flax seeds.