Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Eggless Experiment #5 - Ener-G Egg

Our final test!  Thank goodness.  Who knew you could get tired of cookies?!

This time we chose to go with the commercial egg replacer - Ener G Egg.  It is made up of various starches.  Every time I pull this box out of the cabinet I think it is something left over from 1972.  Who came up with the packaging?  Anyway, I've used this plenty of times in various items and it has always worked OK. Not perfect but fine.

We noticed our cookie dough was a little more runny this time and the cookies looked kind of oily.  I'm not sure if that was because of the replacer or because it was ridiculously hot and humid this week.  Whatever the issue was, the dough and cookies tasted fine.  They became very flat five minutes after getting out of the oven but that seemed to be a common problem with all the replacements we tried.

When I tasted the warm cookie, it tasted good but there was something different about the taste that I couldn't quite figure out.  Then Kayleigh hit on it.  Cake batter.  The baked cookie tasted just like yellow cake batter.  Strange but still tasty.

So to summarize our results, chia seeds are the only ones that we would suggest you never try.  All the rest will work and give you decent results.  Our order from best to worst is:

#1 Arrowroot Powder
#2 Ener G Egg
#3 Hemp Seeds
#4 Flax Seeds
#5 Chia Seeds - seriously, don't use these.  Skip the cookie and just eat the chocolate chips!

Our experiment is done for now but if anyone has any other substitutes they'd like us to try in the chocolate chip cookies, let us know.  Also leave a comment if you'd like us to try any of these replacements in some other recipe.